Tuesday, December 30, 2014

the year in review

A few years back, I went through old photos and did a sort of "year in review," recapping some of the things I'd done. I looked back at it recently and loved having it as a short record of the year as a whole, so I thought I'd try it again for 2014. Here we go!


In January, we took a trip to Tahoe with Dave and Lindsay (and, of course, Oski). I snow-shoed for the first time and got to watch Oski eat scoops of vanilla ice cream at Burger Me in Truckee. I started in the Environmental Law clinic at Stanford. Later in the month, my parents came for a visit and began looking for an apartment in San Francisco.


We started February in Napa, spending Superbowl Sunday wine tasting. 

We spent Valentine's day in Tahoe, where there was no snow. So we walked on the beach and spent the evenings eating sausages and drinking beer at Mellow Fellow.

My parents found a temporary apartment in the Mission and moved in. 

 Towards the end of the month, I took a trip to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. We hiked around the desert and stayed in the very colorful Saguaro hotel. I tried a date shake for the first time.

In March, Daniel and I celebrated our anniversary and his birthday.  

We went to the wedding of one of Daniel's best friends from college down in Paicines. Lots of champagne, lots of dancing. Of course.

Then I moved out of the dorms at Stanford and stayed with my parents over spring break at their apartment in the Mission. I chopped off my hair. 


In April, we moved in to a new apartment in San Francisco. I celebrated my birthday right around the corner at Pizzetta.

We went on a tour of the art galleries in Potrero with our friends Ashley and Josh.

We spent Mothers Day in Napa. On Memorial Day, I went to a Giants' Game at AT&T Park with a group of girlfriends. I paid little attention to the game but did buy a hat.

I crammed furiously for finals, took finals, and immediately started my summer job. I travelled to LA for for work training program. Lots of work socializing.

I made a cake to look like the American Flag for the Fourth of July.

I also finally attended a fest at the German Tourist Club, though I didn't wear a dirndl.

I threw a party for Danny in the garden of the Bazaar Cafe to celebrate his graduation from his masters program. Afterwards, we had dinner at Cecilia's and too many drinks at Trad'r Sam's.

I finished work at one law firm and moved over to a different firm in Palo Alto. Daniel went to Scotland. We went camping in Costanoa for a friend's birthday. The Napa earthquake happened.

My friend Kinzie and I spent a long weekend in Santa Fe and I fell in love with the city. We hiked and spa'd and looked at art and ate a lot of terrific food. 

I quickly followed it with another vacation, this time to visit my friend Lena in New York. I had some spectacular meals - dinner at Batard and Perla and two fabulous lunches at La Grenouille and Bouley. I went to MoMA and strolled down 5th. I had drinks with an old friend from my time in Zaragoza. I bought a pair of black strappy sandals. 

After New York, I headed straight to New Orleans with my mother. She bought me a panama hat and we drank French 75s. We took a tour of Frances Parkinson Keyes' home. We also ate quite a lot. It was very hot. 

Then I came home and started my last year of law school.

I braved the heat and went to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. We went wine tasting in Napa.

We watched the Giants win the World Series. My parents moved in to a new apartment in Russian Hill. I studied for the MPRE and watched children trick or treat in Seacliff on Halloween. Daniel was reunited with the duck sweater.

I took the MPRE. My brother visited San Francisco and we all had dinner at Stone's Throw before his move to Madrid. I heard Diane von Furstenberg speak at Stanford. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving in Napa and then the actual day down in La Jolla with my family. 

Major rainstorms in the Bay Area kept everyone inside during the early part of the month. I studied and took finals. We went to a performance of Handel's Messiah at Grace Cathedral. Daniel and I both got colds. 

We attended dinner parties and holiday parties and drank lots of good wine. We had a visit from Daniel's home-stay family from Australia and experimented with gluten-free pizza. We spent Christmas in Napa, eating and drinking and playing with Katie, the family Weimaraner. 

A full year, and one that I hope will lead to good things in 2015. Happy New Year, everyone. 

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