Tuesday, November 11, 2014

stopping in

It's been a while since I stopped in here. I suppose there have been a lot of reasons for this. Fall got off to sort of a rough start this year and I was caught off guard, expecting, as I was, for smooth sailing at the start of my last year of school. So I've just been taking some time, trying to get a sense of balance back.

It hasn't felt much like Fall in San Francisco yet. It's been unseasonably warm and sunny, which I've especially appreciated on my days off. I've been going for runs on the beach, marveling at the summery weather. On Saturday, Daniel and I rode our bikes through Golden Gate Park and out to the Sunset for breakfast sandwiches at the Devil's Teeth Baking Company. I actually thought I might get sunburned as we sat outside waiting for our food. But yesterday, the fog rolled in and blanketed my neighborhood in a thick layer of gray. I bundled up and headed out for a long afternoon walk, out along Balboa Street and then down into the park. I listened to Glenn Gould's recording of the Goldberg Variations as I walked through the quiet streets and felt as though I had the park entirely to myself. 

Hopefully I'll be around more often over the next few weeks and months. The holidays are nearly upon us - I have ten days of class before the start of the Thanksgiving break and then I'll be down in San Diego for a bit with my family. Then final exams, then Christmas vacation. A lot of things, but mostly good ones. 

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