Saturday, September 6, 2014

bandelier national monument

On our first full day in Santa Fe, Kinzie and I woke up early, breakfasted at Cafe Pasqual's, and then drove out to Bandelier National Monument.

When we first walked in to the entrance to the park, we saw a band of tiny owls. I'm still not totally clear as to why the owls were there, but they were very small and very awesome. I wish it was feasible to keep a tiny owl as a pet. 

We walked the main loop that takes you by some of the cliff dwellings. It was very hot and bright out; also very beautiful.

Part of what was so great about our trip to Santa Fe was how much there was to see and do in the surrounding area. There is so much beauty in the landscape and while at first I thought it was a bit silly that the state is called the "land of enchantment", after seeing it for myself, I get it.

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