Tuesday, August 26, 2014

24 hours in pescadero

Last Friday after work, Daniel and I packed up the car and drove down to Pescadero. It was our friend's birthday and his girlfriend had arranged a weekend of camping for a big group of us at Costanoa. I say "camping" but really I should have said "glamping" because the accommodations were quite cushy. We brought a tent camped out at a campsite but there were full working bathrooms and large fire pits well supplied with wood as well as a couple of restaurants and a spa facility. The first night, we pitched our tents and then sat around the fire in big Adirondack chairs drinking wine and eating birthday cake. When we returned to the campsite, it turned out that one member of our party had left a big sandwich and a carton of eggs out and skunks (!) had flocked to the area. Luckily no one got sprayed and we were able to get everything cleaned up without too much hassle, but we did hear the skunks return in the middle of the night to lick up everything, crunching on the bits of eggshell we hadn't been able to pick up.

The next day, our group piled into cars and drove into Pescadero for lunch. We stopped at the terrific Downtown Local for coffee and then wandered down the main street, looking into antique shops and little markets. Afterwards, we drove out to the beach and lounged in the sun for a few hours - the water was so chilly I couldn't bring myself to do more than dip my toes in.

Daniel and I headed home shortly after to shower and unpack and go out for ramen before falling into bed around 9:45. All the sunshine (and wine at lunch) had me ready for an early night, but it was such a fun, quick little trip - definitely something I'll be keeping in mind for future escapes from the city.

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