Sunday, January 5, 2014

two days, tahoe

As a sort of final hurrah before the official end of the holiday season, we spent the weekend in Tahoe. Tahoe is one of those places that's wonderful basically all year round but I was a bit nervous about visiting this time because there was so little snow- so little that I ultimately decided not to even bother bringing my snowboard with me. But Daniel and I decided that we'd rent snow shoes and chance it, which ended up working out beautifully. One New Year's resolution down!

We went with our friends Dave and Lindsay who took us to a good snowshoeing spot, bringing their snow-loving golden retriever along as well.

Alarming though it is that there's been so little snow, I have to admit it was a gorgeous day. We hiked a few miles and then headed in to Truckee for hamburgers and beer. In the afternoon, Daniel and David went fly fishing and afterwards we stopped in at Northstar for an apres-ski (in spite of the lack of skiing) cocktail followed by dinner at Fifty-Fifty back in Truckee.

We ended up heading out fairly early on Sunday (some of us wanted to watch the 49ers/Packers game) but managed to fit in a quick hike beforehand in the Martis Valley area. Really just a nice last escape and a wonderful start to 2014. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is looking forward to (or at least not dreading) jumping back into things this next week!

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