Sunday, September 29, 2013

apples etc.

I've had apples on the brain the past few days. Daniel and I made plans to go visit some friends who recently moved from San Francisco to Auburn in a few weeks and I've been thinking that we may be forced to go check out Apple Hill. I've never been apple picking; nor have I ever eaten a cider donut. Given that life is short, I figure I should probably try to remedy this situation sooner rather than later. I also need an excuse to make this cake ASAP and I think that having a big pile of freshly picked apples around would definitely help with that. 

So yes, I spent a good portion of the weekend daydreaming about fruit. But I also started a new book, drank a delicious Manhattan (a drink I always associate with fall), made a farro dish I was quite pleased with, finally saw Argo, and took several naps. All in all, quite satisfactory. 

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