Tuesday, April 24, 2012

paul bertolli's cauliflower soup

So, I've been making soup a lot recently. Ginger carrot, roasted celery, and now cauliflower. 

I have had mixed success.

Last night, I made Paul Bertolli's cauliflower soup. It was listed on Food52 as one of their Genius Recipes, and since I'm nurturing a borderline unhealthy obsession with the Genius Recipes, I've had my eye on this particular soup for a while. 

Still, when I started assembling the ingredients, I was a bit surprised by the spareness. Nothing but an onion, a head of cauliflower and a bit of salt. Still, I pressed on.

Readers, it was bland. So bland. Even with a drizzle of olive oil, lots of pepper and a sprinkling of chives, I could barely keep my eyes open. Daniel made no bones about his lack of interest in the soup and instead proceded to eat most of the croutons out of the (very good) broccolini salad I'd made to round out the meal. 

So, the point is, I'm still learning with soups. Lesson taken from this? Raw vegetables + water = dull. It's not that it was bad- and at least it's relatively healthy- but with so many other more interesting soups out there, I doubt I'd make this again.

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