Friday, October 16, 2015


When we planned our vacation to Morocco, we knew we wanted to stop somewhere in Europe for a few days on the way home to break up the trip a bit. We had a number of options - Paris, Madrid, Rome - but we ended up going with London. My last trip there converted me from a skeptic to an ardent fan and I was looking forward to experiencing the city in the fall. 

We arrived in London late Saturday evening, taking the express train from Gatwick to Victoria; it may as well have been a party bus for all the drunken girls onboard. But eventually we made it to the flat we'd rented in Notting Hill.

The next morning, Daniel was feeling a little under the weather, so I ran out to pick up breakfast at Ottolenghi and we had a little early morning picnic of coffee, scones, and pain au chocolat in our rental flat. Feeling braced, we headed out to wander the city in the crisp fall air. 

We completely lucked out with the weather - London was cool and sunny, perfect for strolling and a nice change after the heat of Morocco. We spent our first morning wandering around Westminster before heading to the Grenadier in Belgrave Square for a pint and some lunch (bangers and mash for me, steak and ale pie for Daniel). 

In the afternoon, we walked around Mayfair before heading back to Notting Hill.

By happy coincidence, my parents were also in London for the week due to some business of my father's. With Daniel feeling a little under the weather and my father busy with work, my mom and I had the chance to meet for a lovely dinner of fish and chips at Geales.

The next morning, Daniel and I went our separate ways: he to the Imperial War Museum and I to a bridal atelier in Marylebone. Quite the divergent experiences.

Since I did not go to the War Museum, I can't comment on it; but I can report that the wedding dresses I saw were quite lovely and that afterwards my mother and I had a great deal of fun wandering around Selfridge's and gawking at all the merchandise.

In the afternoon, the three of us met up for lunch at Murano in Mayfair for a very lovely lunch. After three courses, including a vast cheese plate, my mother headed back to her hotel and Daniel and I headed out for a late afternoon walk.

We initially thought we might try to visit the Tower of London but because it was getting rather late, we opted to walk along the Thames instead. It was a beautiful, golden afternoon.

On our last evening, we ended up staying in the flat watching Bridget Jones's Diary and eating takeout because we couldn't face another big meal after lunch. It was lovely. 

The morning of our final day in London, we stopped into Daylesford for a quick bite and then Daniel took the tube to the Natural History Museum and I went to yet another shop to look at wedding dresses (turns out the perfect dress is rather hard to find...). And then, just like that, it was time to head to the airport. 

Like all good trips, ours went by too quickly, but it was a wonderful reminder of the rewards of travel. It was such a treat to get away together, just the two of us, to explore some very remarkable new places.

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