Monday, March 2, 2015

in sight

I took this photo a week or two ago. My landlord is having work done on our roof and the noise has been an unwelcome distraction, so I've found myself looking for alternative study locations close by. The above photo was taken at Heartbaker, drinking a glass of wine and making flash cards. I'm feeling a little...apathetic on the school front - it's just hard to muster the energy to care a whole lot about my upcoming finals. It's frustrating; I don't like feeling unmotivated. But I suppose there's just a certain amount of ennui that settles in at this stage.

But still things move forward. Today, I submitted my petition to graduate and registered for the California Bar, offered in July. I'm excited to graduate, less excited to take the bar (though obviously excited to have it over with), but I'm starting to really feel that the finish line is in sight. So there's that. 

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Daniel and I made a short trip up to Napa to have dinner with a friend of his from high school and then celebrated our (6th!) anniversary on Sunday. I can't believe March is already here.

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