Tuesday, April 8, 2014

rishia zimmern's chicken with shallots

At the start of the month, we moved into our new apartment. It's lovely to be back in San Francisco and I'm very pleased with our new place but there have been a few hiccups, including a broken oven.

So we've mostly been eating out since we've moved in and we're lucky because there's a lot of great food in close proximity to our new place. But earlier this week I decided it was finally time to cook our first meal in the apartment and I turned to Rishia Zimmern's recipe for chicken with shallots. I read about this when the article came out in the NYTimes a few weeks back and it looked like the perfect one-pot meal. You pan fry chicken thighs in a bit of butter, sautee whole shallots in chicken fat, then add tarragon, mustard, and white wine and simmer everything for a half hour, dropping in a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes at the end. Easy as pie and completely delicious. At the end of the meal, we swiped pieces of bread around the bottom of the pot to sop up the remaining sauce. The dish is a keeper and it was a great first meal in the apartment. It feels good to get back in the kitchen again.

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