Monday, June 10, 2013

weekend in bolinas & point reyes

Over the weekend, Daniel threw his surfboard in the car and we headed out to Bolinas. 

Bolinas is a tiny town a little ways north of San Francisco. Daniel told me that when he was growing up, locals would rip down the street signs in order to make it more difficult for tourists to find it. He learned to surf in Bolinas in a teenager and was hoping to spend some time out on the water while I sat out on the beach.

The surf turned out to be sub-par and the weather was too damp and chilly to permit any lounging on the beach so after a short stroll, we piled back into the car and headed out to find better conditions.

Inland, the weather was sunny and hot. We drove through Point Reyes Station and decided that lunch was in order. The Station House Cafe has a back patio that's particularly lovely on sunny days, so we stopped in for fish tacos and restorative libations. 

After lunch, we drove to Drakes Cove. Again, the surf was disappointing and the beach gray and foggy. But as it turned out, the Marine Mammal Center was releasing some harbor and elephant seals back into the wild.

We stood with the crowd and watched the seals wiggle speedily down the beach. The harbor seals in particular were fascinating to behold- their bodies were like immense gray sausages, bouncing up and down as they made their way towards the water.

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