Friday, November 18, 2011

a pre-thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving! It's here, it's here!

Well...not quite. But it might as well be because I'm going to not one but two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend. I'm especially happy about this since I missed Thanksgivings 2009 and 2010 because I was in Paris. I celebrated the holiday with other American expats, but it wasn't quite the same- how could it be? So this year, I'm particularly looking forward to the festivities.

Tonight, I'm having dinner with neighbors who live just down the street and then tomorrow Daniel and I are driving up to Napa to have dinner with his family, since he's coming down to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I'll be making this for both dinners  this weekend and I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out well. The holiday season is upon us- isn't that wonderful?

photo by Amanda Jane Jones

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